Services Offered by a Realtor

Realtors offer a helping hand to home buyers in handling business in a real estate transaction. Most people are not aware of the effort and professional knowledge that Realtors put into facilitate a smooth and successful real estate transaction.
Most of the significant business in a real estate deal is carried out by the Realtors on behalf of the buyers. This is done in exchange for a sales commission to them. Here are some of the services Realtors offer during the purchase and evaluation of property on behalf of clients.

The Services Offered By A Realtor

Seller-Buyer Meet UpTwo person talking

As the bridge between the buyer and the seller, realtors should introduce the buyer to the real estate team he is representing. This should come along with their contact information and a short account on what work they will be working on for the buyer.

Buyer Interests Reports

The realtor should also document the client’s queries account and also feedback from tours to the visited property. Especially these days where new properties.

Monitor Listings Prices

A realtor should always and continuously monitor the prices of the listings and notify both the sellers and buyers of time in case of any changes.

Offer Technical and Legal Advice

Real estate agents should advise the sellers on the applicable legal and technical advice, refer or allow them to seek it from other professionals. This should be done before putting pen to paper on any sale agreement.

Professional Knowledge

Agents of real estate properties should tell the clients of any current damages or important potential risks which they could have come across when researching the property based on their experience and professional know how, e.g., Age of the property.
Realtors should not give a falsified evaluation. S/he should also not mislead or lie to the buyer on the sellers quoted a price.

Provide a Listing Plan

This a marketing list of the property as featured on any media outlet; e.g., Newspapers, Flyers, the Internet, etc. The Realtor should do this on behalf of the sellers.

Price Reports

The realtor should also give timely reports on price changes in their areas. Any changes in prices should be noted and reported to the seller.

Property Evaluation

bench tableBased on his/her professional know how and on field experience, a real estate agent should be able to estimate the value of any given property. The Realtor should also give a price estimate to the client based on the several factors, e.g., the age of the property, design of the property, additional features it may have, etc. that may affect the price.…

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