5 Steps to Buying a Watch from Online Stores Safely

Online shopping has become the trend of this century. Consequently, many retailers have closed many of their physical stores and turned into digitalizing their business. And contrary to the common myth that claims e-commerce to be damaging towards the retail industry, that innovation has actually perfected it.

Now, people can buy many things from online stores. But one of the riskiest items to buy is the watch. Unlike visiting the brick-and-mortar watch retailer, you cannot touch the goods on sale. As a consequence, you can’t be certain if the watch you buy from the online store is an original product or a counterfeit. Therefore, let’s explore these five safe steps to buying watches online!

1. Try to Check the Item in Physical Stores

If you are going to spend $500 or more for the watch, then it will be better to make sure of everything first. If there is one thing that cannot beat the brick-and-mortar watch retailers, then it is the opportunity to try wearing the watch directly and see if it fits. Therefore, try to visit your nearest stores and look for the good you want.

2. Check the Sites’ Review and Some Watch Forums

a perfect fit watchIf you don’t buy the watch from the official store, then you need to make sure that the retail has a good reputation. Simply check their Google’s rating and see the customers’ testimonies. Second, before you advance your purchase, visit some watch forums first. Websites such as tz-uk.com and watchuseek.com are two forums that are not brand-specific, meaning that you can just read or ask for suggestions on any watch-related topics you need.

However, if you want much more specialized discussions, check out this list:

  • Thewatchsite.com is for Seiko and Citizen brands.
  • Paneristi.com is for Panerai brand.
  • Omegaforums.net is for Omega watches.
  • Rolexforums.com is for Rolex.

3. Examine the Warranty

Before you make any purchases on a website, you should check the terms and agreements there. Make sure that there is a warranty for the shipping and the authenticity of the good. Big e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Etsy, and Overstock do not sell counterfeit products, so you can be safe from that risk. However, be careful with the potential damage that the shipping causes. Second, also examine if you can return the watch you’ve bought if it doesn’t fit you.

4. Get the Right Measurement of Your Wrist

a classy watchThe watch’s face and its band must fit properly on your wrist, or the watch will not look stylish on you. And remember that no matter how expensive your watch is if it is loose on your wrist, then it will still appear like a fail attempt. Also, watches with a big face is not for everyone. The key here is to reach symmetry and balance. Therefore, people with small wrists must pick the watches with a face that can make the hand look bigger and vice versa.

The standard measurement for unisex is 34mm-40mm, and for men, it is 4mm-50mm or larger. However, you should not go with the large size if you are not born big.

5. Pick a Style that Matches Your Life

Watches have many designs, and all of them are meant for different lifestyles. For instance, G-Shocks are for sporty people who like to spend their time outdoors doing some extreme sports, while Rolex is for the elegance and lux, and not so much of durability.…

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