Camping Chairs

After traversing the rugged terrains, nothing beats the feeling that comes with relaxing in a comfortable chair. However, a camping chair is entirely different from the chairs in our living rooms. Choosing a camping chair from is often informed by the portability or the luxury provided by these units. There are many types of camping chairs. Thus, this article looks at some distinct features that define different camping chairs and their practicality.

Things to look for when buying camping chairs

Weightbackpacking chair

The weight of a camping chair should be a primary deciding factor when shopping for a camp chair. However, this feature is often overlooked when choosing comfortable chairs. What should be the ideal weight for a camp chair? The preferred weight for a camp chair might vary depending on individual preferences, a unit that weighs about five pounds or thereabout can be ideal.


Another significant feature to look for when purchasing camp chairs is the material used in its construction. You need to look at the frame and the fabric used. Preferably, a good frame should be made from aluminum considering that it offers a decent strength to weight ratio. Moving to the material, you should go for either a coated RIP stop nylon due to its durability and water resistance property or a closed cell foam padding, which does not wick in water.


camping siteThe packability of a camp chair often defines the ease with which you can move the chair. A camping stool an excellent addition when packing for the long haul. Regular-style chairs, on the other hand, have an ergonomic carrying strap that makes it easy to carry them with you. Luxurious camp chairs are not the best when it comes to matters packability. However, they are a great choice for those traveling to an easy access area like a festive campground.

Additional features

There is a list of other features that should be considered when choosing a camping chair. Ideally, the range of features increases as you move from minimal to luxurious chairs. Some features to look for in these chairs include things like the cup holder, armrests, or an extended pad. Ideally, a set with additional features tend to be bulky, but these features can be a real game changer when it comes to matters comfort.