Benefits of Using Fire Extinguishers

Whether in a school, workplace, church, and even your home, having CO2 Fire Extinguishers nearby is advisable. They play a crucial role in stopping fires from spreading and causing havoc. Being the first line of defense, having them nearby could save a life in case of a fire. However, you need to understand that there are different fire extinguishers for different types of fires. Conducting a fire assessment risk can help you identify the class of fire likely to occur. You will know the fire extinguisher to keep. In this article, we highlight a few advantages of a fire extinguisher.

Saving Lives

Managing FiresLooking at the numbers of deaths and injuries caused by fire accidents shows you the importance of having a fire extinguisher with you. The United States recorded over 1.3 million reported cases in 2015. The cases led to 15700 injured persons while 3280 people lost their lives. Fire extinguishers can be used to confine fire from spreading especially in crowded spaces. A fire in places like schools could have fatal effects with the absence of the proper safety tools.

Managing Fires

We can defeat most of the fires that start with simple safety tools, like a fire extinguisher. In recent years studies have shown that in over 4500 fire accidents reviewed, fire extinguishers effectively stopped most fires from spreading. Having fire extinguishers in places like restaurants can disrupt a small fire from turning into a big accident.

Conserving The Environment

Managing Fires

Fires release toxic smoke and fumes that have hazardous effects on our environment. The release of carbon, smoke, and greenhouse gases into the atmosphere can be bad for the environment and health.

A mixture of these gases in the air eats away the Ozone layer that protects us from the sun’s rays. Fire extinguishers are effective in preventing these fumes from reaching the open.

Protecting Our Health

Smoke is as harmful to the environment as it is to our health. It is a complex mixture of gases and fine particles that can be life-threatening when inhaled. The fine particles can travel down to your lungs, causing a lot of health effects. These could be something as mild as sore eyes to severe problems like heart and lung diseases. Children, the elderly, the sick, and pregnant are more at risk. Curbing a fire before it becomes a menace is for the good of everyone.

Poorly managed fires have catastrophic effects on our lives, property, and environment. As seen above, we can handle most fire incidents with the aid of a fire extinguisher. Investing in one could save lives and prevent property damage in the event of a fire.

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