• Whatever pets you have at home, you do not need to hire a professional pet trainer. You only need to establish a routine of training your pets in the house and stick to it patiently.
  • Making a poor choice when choosing a nurse is a matter of life and death. We have seen nurse save lives. We have also seen nurses watch people die of medical issues that are preventable and curable.
  • There is an overwhelmingly large number of plumbers out there, and you may be wondering how to choose the best one for your needs and budget. There are several considerations to make when looking for a plumber.

Qualities to Look Out For In a Good Sealing Specialist

We have several methods of sealing different types of products. A number of commercial product manufacturers rely heavily on external sealing suppliers for the state-of-art sealing products. In essence, sealing is a focal procedure at various stages of product packaging, assembling and even branding.

There are very many seal manufacturers out there that produce the best sealing products. That can make you a new buyer to have a difficult time trying to choose the best sealing specialist. There are basic standards that every seal manufacturer must meet.

In the sealing industry, we have a wide range of seals. Some types of seals are metallic and non-metallic gaskets; some are semi-metallic and spiral seal gaskets while others are soft cut and sheeting seal gaskets. And the last thing that you can expect is to invest in low quality or non-quality controlled seals. Sometimes you want a company that produces itemized seals but your efforts go in vain because you are not well informed.

Read the following guideline to understand the qualities to look out for in a good sealing specialist. You can also visit www.specialistsealingproducts.co.uk for more information.


When choosing a sealing specialist you need to take a good look at the experience. Experience is a very important thing in the sealing industry. An experienced sealing specialist is able to take an order of all natures. Make sure the latter has been in the business for at least five years. Therefore, make sure you work with an experienced seal coating specialist.

BBB rating

Another important consideration that is most overlooked by many of us is the BBB rating. A good sealing specialist must have a good rating with the BBB. BBB is simply the supplier’s Better Business Bureau rating. BBB is board mandated to make sure that consumers are protected from receiving counterfeit and low-quality products. Therefore, a good sealing specialist must have a fulfilling BBB rating.

Make sure you check out whether the latter has a good history in their business. Any warning from the local Better Business Bureau should be a red signal. A great sealing company will not hesitate to show you their great rating from the better business bureau.


You can tell you are dealing with a great sealing specialist by the way they give estimates and quotations. They must be professional when it comes to handling and giving out estimates to their clients. Estimates are used as an initial step for the entire agreement. The specialist must be professional, transparent and fair. Any estimates from a professional sealing company should be drafted in the contract. Therefore, consider how the latter gives their estimates.


A good seal specialist should be specialized in at least two areas in regards to sealing. Make sure you work with a sealing specialist who is able to handle multiple kinds of seals. They should be able to design O’ ring, metallic and no-metallic seals.…

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Reasons Students Use Self-Storage

College time presents an opportunity for students to acquire new tastes, new hobbies, satisfy curiosities, and indulge in old ones. They can also collect a lot of new things that are related to their activities. Adding all these plus other things students buy to cater for their college career, they can be a lot. This explains why students have a lot of belongings stashed in their hostel rooms and off-campus apartments.

mini storageWhen it comes to vacate the rooms over holidays and scheduled breaks or even for long periods, it makes sense to rent student storage London units. The good thing about these storage units is that they are economical, convenient, and safe. The following are different ways that students can utilize self-storage to their benefit.

Keeping Private Collections Private

The collections of bottle caps, beer labels, laboratory slides, manuals, and other things that give parents nightmares can be tucked away in a storage unit during the long vacation.

Keeping Vehicles Safe

Bicycles, motorbikes, and cars can be kept in self-storage units. There are many facilities providing these options. Such units can be a source of a headache if vandalism or theft is a problem in the school parking lots.

Store Belongings During the Break

The good thing about self-storage units is that they are secure. Also, you can get climate-controlled space to keep your belongings. A lot of students go home during the summer break. Some travel to another country or city to look for jobs and internship. Usually, they will need to seek a new hostel or room when they resume for studies. In such cases, self-storage is the right option.

When Traveling Abroad

If you decide to study abroad for a given semester as part of the school’s formal curriculum, self-storage offers adequate space and peace of mind for that given duration of travel.

Save Money

self storageA lot of storage facilities provide special rates for student rentals. This is a money-saver in itself besides providing students with an opportunity to look for cheap accommodation, particularly in congested areas. When choosing a self-storage facility, you have to understand that the cheapest deal is not always the best. It is advisable to pay a bit more for extra security or climate control. Also, you should book early as the demand for storage can increase over time. You need to have an insurance program for the items in the storage unit.…

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Three Business Ideas That Will Bring You Quick Cash Flow

Entrepreneurship takes more than guts and risk-taking behavior. A business can achieve success in the market under several conditions, one of which is being able to surpass the break-even point.

However, some companies get into that condition slower than the others. It is a condition that may not suit everyone because there are business people who are better off with quick cash flow. If you share this idea, here are three business ideas that will match your preference.

Running a Wellness Center

Wellness business includes spa, massage, alternative therapies, and beauty treatments. As modern people have been becoming more aware of their health, beauty, and general wellbeing, many clients will book your service if you can pick just the right place and professional therapists. For instance, the business district is where you should set your eyes on. The office workers are going to be your primary source of income. You should learn their schedule and open your business accordingly.

However, designing a wellness center can give quite a headache. The interior, equipment, standard operational procedures, and brand building are four complicated topics that you have to premeditate before the budgeting. If you want to eliminate this hassle, you can try to open the franchised brands instead. It is a leading brand in the wellness business that utilizes the latest technology in the field.

Opening a 3D Printing Workshop

3D printing technology will be the future of the design industry. You can quickly create anything from scale models, accessories, toys, handicrafts, creative props, etc. You can bring in a quick profit flow to your business by knowing which clients have the highest trade rate. Once you find your ideal client, you should nurture that business relationship.

The limit of 3D printing is only your imagination. You can always expand your product importance to many fields out there. Plane manufacturers, architectures, machinery engineering, are just several examples of industries that need scale models with a high level of precision and accuracy.

Besides, a 3D printing workshop will require only a few employees to run. For a small scale workshop, you need three to five capable CAD (Computer-Aided Design) designers, five computers, and two 3D printers. You should not invest too much in customer service and marketing at an early stage. Instead, you can use outsourcing companies for those tasks. You will be better to focus your resources more on your product quality.

Building a Creative Marketing Agency

Digital marketing is a business that has been highly outsourced today. The established companies gain the most benefits from outsourced marketing because they do not have to set up new divisions and hire employees to upgrade their market reach. To notice this phenomenon, you can observe how social media influencers have been making thousands of dollars from a simple advertisement content on their post. Not only the indie brands that use this marketing strategy, but the big ones do too.

In your case, you should see that pattern as an opportunity. You can establish a creative marketing agency on your own, and you should target the worldwide market. First, you should hire content editors that have native fluency in English because this language has the most speakers on the Internet. Second, hire yourself creative workers that are specialized in photography and videography. Third, you can work with seasonal modeling agencies to get the talents for your ads. Once your content can go viral, you will be flooded with cash.…

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Why You Should Try Yoga Exercises

Staying fit is vital for your body and health in general. There are so many physical activities you can engage in that will help keep you in good shape. Not participating in any form of physical activity can subject you to several illnesses. Lifestyle conditions have become common over the recent days. You should do your best to stay free from them. They are conditions that may come about as a result of the type of food you eat or how you conduct yourself.

Your body can gain excess fat which can trigger conditions like diabetes, cancer and heart attacks. Exercising on a frequent basis will keep you free from all this. Going to the gym is one way you stay fit. Jogging can also help you lose some weight. You can also try yoga exercises which will help keep you in good shape. They are mental, spiritual and physical exercises meant to improve the condition of your body.

Basil Park is one fitness center you can visit for the bestyoga yoga exercises. The good thing about yoga exercises is that they keep all of your body engaged. Popular joint workouts in yoga exercises include bridge pose, mountain pose, and tree. There are various reasons why you need to try out yoga exercises for fitness reasons. They include:

Stronger Muscles

Trying out the different yoga exercises can help you develop strong muscles. Having strong muscles is good for your body. They help prevent you from injuries and also provide you with the energy to carry out some difficult tasks. Strong muscles also provide your body with the perfect balance. You should try out the different yoga exercises to have good muscle build.


Not engaging in any form of physical exercise can affect your flexibility. This will see you have a difficult time in your movements or carrying out other activities.  Various yoga exercises can work on your joints and therefore improve your flexibility. Trying them out will help improve your flexibility and movements in general. This is good for your body.

Eliminates Back Painyoga workout

Chronic back pain is common among the old and those who do not engage in any form of physical activity. Sitting upright most of the time might also leave you experiencing such pain. It can affect your movements and normal well-being. You need to try out the different yoga exercises that will help reduce back pain.…

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Things to Consider When Buying the Best Folding Wagons

Transportation has always been at the epicenter of every trip. Whether it’s a flight abroad or a trip to the grocery shop, it matters. Most especially if you opt to try out something different for once. Take the folding wagon, for example. Not too many people take it seriously, but it does have a lot to offer. You probably won’t realize this if you are trying it out for the first time. The more you use it is, the more you get attached to it. Once you do, here are the things to consider when buying the best folding wagons.


It would be such a waste to buy something that will not serve you for long. In our case, a folding wagon is meant to add a bit more sizzle and fun to life. This means it should come to stay for as long as possible.

Better yet, it should see you through the rain and sunshine. You can test for strength right before you pay for it. The material used in making it should tell you how durable it’s supposed to be. Complicated as it may sound, these factors will go a long way in ensuring you enjoy your new folding wagon.


folding wagonYou shouldn’t buy a gigantic folding wagon if you didn’t handle its size. Buy something that you are comfortable with in every way. The size of a folding wagon is enough to tell you how efficient it will be in its purpose.

You should equate the size of your folding wagon to the storage space. The bigger it is, the more space it will need. You need not commit yourself to such responsibility if space is doing you no justice. What’s more, only its specified purpose should guide you on the way forward. Failure to which will leave you hanging in the balance and lost for words.

The Wheels

It may not have occurred to most of us, but the wheels are of utmost importance. They are responsible for ensuring stability on the load being carried. If they are not strong enough, it is pointless to place such loads on them. Be keen on the wheels before making a hurried purchase for a folding wagon. It gets worse when you realize your mistake and are unable to get a refund. Wheels are designed differently for a reason. Each one portrays the kind of load that the folding wagon can carry. Study the wheels deeply for you to know whether they would suit their intended purpose.

Overall Material

You need to consider this more than you would all the others. The overall material used in their making should give you all the answers you need. For instance, a folding wagon is a sort of shaped like a carriage.

This means that material such as cotton, polyester or other are used on the outside. They determine how capable the wagon is to hold and protect the loads packed on it. In fact, they determine a whole lot of other vital factors too. Which is why you need to be on the lookout for the best and most durable material.…

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Beginner’s Guide to Making Bitcoin Investment

Cryptocurrency has been defined as a virtual or digital currency that works as a medium of exchange. It works a system called blockchain. Cryptography is used when securing and verifying transactions as well as controlling the creation of other new units.

In the recent past, the value of bitcoin, which is the popular type of cryptocurrency out there, has skyrocketed so much that everybody is interested in knowing how to invest in it. Bitcoin IRAs is one of the legit websites that will help you invest in bitcoin. You do not need to be a genius to understand the working of bitcoins.

Getting a Transaction Website

Before you invest in Bitcoin, you need to have a website or exchange where you will buy the bitcoins and a wallet for storing the bitcoins. A lot of care should be taken and due diligence was done to ensure that you do not fall prey to


There are countries with established and official exchanges for buying Bitcoins. Any potential investor should sign for these exchanges and make a transfer of money for the purchase of Bitcoins. In the event that you are in a country where are no Bitcoin exchanges and therefore, difficult to transfer money, there are other options for making payments.

Various websites have incorporated the following payment methods to help investors: Payoneer, Payza, PayPal, debit and credit cards. Before you signed for any website, quickly run through their terms and conditions to understand what is required, the payment methods available and how to sell your Bitcoins.

Have a Wallet to Keep Bitcoin

Bitcoins are kept in a wallet. There are so many options for Bitcoin wallets. However, due to the lucrative nature of Bitcoins and the surging prices, scammers have infiltrated the trade, and if not careful, you can easily lose all your investments. Choose carefully.

Most of the exchanges have wallets for investors. The flipside of this is that in the absence of regulation in many jurisdictions, these exchanges can easily be shut down. Hacking is another real threat.

It is, therefore, important that you use a wallet that is well recognized and has a seed word (password). If the wallet on the phone or hardware is lost, the Bitcoins can be recovered using the seed words.

There are several types of Bitcoin wallets: mobile wallets which use either Android or iOS, web wallet, desktop wallet and paper wallet. The key challenge remains security, and this should be given utmost priority.


In conclusion, Bitcoins are increasingly being adopted and expect a surge in their prices. Secondly, Bitcoins are bought in a fraction, for example, 0.001 Bitcoin. The safety of your Bitcoins are entirely your responsibility and finally, only buy from a trusted exchange.…

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The different types of skin pigmentation

Do you have problems with skin pigmentations? If yes, then you should know some of the best remedies for pigmentation removal. However, it is essential to know that skin pigmentation is a natural process that occurs due to some of the environmental factors such as hormonal factors and sun exposure. Also, it is essential to note that skin pigmentation can make a person look much more aged. That is why you need to look for the right treatment after you have noticed this problem.

Most women are having trouble with their facial pigmentation because they think that this problem can be solved using fancy lotions or creams. Once you have noticed this, make sure that you go for the right treatment because it is safe and straightforward. You can try the pigmented elimination sydney. This procedure is safe enough and therefore it can be performed on any area of the body. The following therefore are some different types of skin pigmentation.


potyikrjhegsfcavdbfnghThese are the prevalent types of skin pigmentation that are mostly faced by Caucasians. They are caused by the rich clusters of melanin that becomes worse more especially when exposed to sunlight. This condition, therefore, can be treated with sun creams. However, you can consider laser pigmentation treatment if you want them to be removed efficiently. Also, this type of treatment is used to treat age spots that mainly occur due to old age.


This is a skin pigmentation where the skin lightens in color. It is essential to understand that this is a medical condition and the treatment will depend on the main reasons for its occurrence. You cannot use laser treatment to treat this condition because it is only ideal for small patches. It is essential to visit a doctor whenever you notice this type of skin pigmentation.

Port wine

This is another type of skin pigmentation that can quickly be treated with laser treatment or creams. Before you use some of these creams, make sure that you seek the right advice from your doctor. This is because some creams will end up causing more damage to your skin. Ensure that you follow the prescriptions given by your doctor.

Birthmarkspoiuytrdfcv bnm

Birthmarks are black or brown. If you want to reduce their appearance, you can consider laser treatment. Also, there are some of the creams you can consider using, but it is essential to use laser treatment because it will make them less visible.…

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Different types of camera

Camera, a device to take pictures and record videos, although it sounds simple, buying one is akin to buying clothes, there are a lot of options and brands to choose. Whether it’s for work documentation, vacation or even vlogging, if you’re thinking to buy a camera, check this article out as we discuss of different types of cameras and what type should you get.

Point-and-shoot models

These cameras are probably the most compact camera, simple to use and affordable. The entry levels camera which is around $50-$200 might offer you an image quality just like a smartphone does. However, they do have several features that a smartphone does not have, which are image stabilization, a better zoom lens, and Wi-Fi connectivity. These features will help you a lot as you don’t have to transfer your pictures to a computer and then to move it to your phone, which is quite a hassle to go through, especially when you’re on the go. If you don’t have a lot of budget and want more features than your smartphone, this model might be the one for you.

alksdjalksjdMirrorless models

Mirrorless cameras offer a better performance and picture quality than point-and-shoot models, although they do cost a lot more on the price tag. Although it cost more, mirrorless models can offer you more flexibility on taking pictures, these cameras are famous for teenagers and adults nowadays, as it is easier to use for “selfie” purposes. They also have a compact size like point-and-shoot models, which are perfect for travelers or backpackers.


Digital single lens reflex (DSLR)

alskdjaldskjsThese models are famous for professional work; they are far more superior than mirrorless models and point-and-shoot models. With faster auto-focus performance and much better at taking pictures with moving subjects, you might want to consider getting a DSLR camera. You can also change the lens; different lens can be used for various purposes and situation, for example, an ultra wide angle lens or also known as “fisheye lens” is commonly used for panoramas, skyscape or artistic shoots. Although useful, DSLR cameras have some downsides, they do have better performance than mirrorless cameras, but they have big, bulky body which could be troubling if you’re carrying your camera everywhere you go. The other issue is the price tag, mirrorless can cost you $500-$700, but DSLRs can cost you around $2000 and up to $6000 if you’re using the newest model. If you need a DSLR camera for a rare occasion, consider using services like corporate photography, which could save you a lot of money for a one-time occassion and your pictures will also came out great.

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Advantages of using garden hose reel carts

In most cases, we get overwhelmed by the tasks of dragging our hose reels around the garden more so if you have a large garden.  To avoid this difficult situation of moving the hose reels, you should consider purchasing a garden hose cart. Carts will enable efficient movement of your hose reel from one location to another. Ensure you buy a cart that will suit your needs, for example; you can purchase a cart that has rubber tires and also well-built metal frames.  By buying the right hose cart, you will not have the hassle of a hose reel that is performing poorly. In this article, we take you through the advantages of purchasing garden hose carts.

Ensure hose care

It is evident that the hose reel is in most cases used during the summer and spring seasons. Similarly, you canrereyye use your hose on other things apart from the garden work like washing the family cars or having the water fight game. As you perform the activities, the cart will ensure that the hose reels are not uncurling, untangling and unkinking which can lead to the wear of the hose reels. The cart will enable the hose to be in good shape always hence will prolong its functionality.

 Increased yard safety

If the hose reels are not well kept, they can cause accidents like a child can trip and get hurt as he or she is playing around the garden. But by buying a garden hose reel cart, you will be in a position to do away with such risks because the cart will carry the hose in good shape hence there will be no more accidents occurring.

Keeps the yard fresh

The hose cart will help in ensuring that your garden is well maintained and no vegetation will be destroyed. For instance, if you leave your hose reel in the garden for a week it will cause the vegetation that it lies into to die due to moisture and pressure. But with a cart, it will be well positioned hence will protect the vegetation in your garden.

Helps in saving time

With a garden hose reel cart, you will be able to complete your garden work in time and with less effort. This is because the cart will enable you to position the hose reel in a strategic place that will allow you to do all the tasks efficiently without having to drag the reel all around the garden. On the other hand, the hose cart is very easy to use and simple.


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How To Choose The Best Merchant Lenders

For a business to thrive, equity alone cannot be a sustainable source of funding. There are several funding institutions including commercial banks and other financial institutions like merchant lenders. There are many factors that would affect the company’s accessibility of funds from commercial banks including the availability of collateral to secure the loan and the credit worthiness of the business. This makes it hard for small businesses as they cannot be able to secure large loans. Merchant lenders, on the other hand, offer alternative funding for both small and large enterprises at friendly terms. Consider using business cash advance to get your business financed at any time. The following are some of the factors to consider when choosing a merchant lender;

What to choose the best merchant lenders


gfhfghgfhgfhgfhfghWith the many financial institutions available in the market, you might be wondering which the best of them all is. History of the lender should top the list of factors to consider. They should have a good name with a strong track record of providing loans hustle free. Communication should flow easily between them and the clients and be easily accessible either on phone or online in case of any query. Their terms and policies should also be transparent all from the beginning.

Compare rate of interest and underlying policies

With the high risk, the merchant lenders have to take to give loans with no security; their interest rates are higher than those of commercial banks. Despite this, you can secure a loan that would have otherwise been denied by commercial banks. All you need to do is compare interest rates and policies of different providers to get the best alternative.

Qualifications for the loan

Merchant lenders have underlying criteria for companies they accept to lend. There are some which consider year round establishments while others do not mind the duration of the business. Understand the qualifications needed for you to be qualified for a merchant lender loan before settling for one. More so you will need to convince the lender you will be able to meet your obligations in time.


gfghgfhgfhfghgfgfhGet a second opinion about the merchant lender company from previous customers and get to know what to expect. There are articles written online about what to expect from different merchant lender companies and about the whole experience.

You should, however, be cautious as there are reviews written for marketing purposes. Make sure they are from a reliable website for a fair and honest review.…

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Choosing A Nurse

Making a poor choice when choosing a nurse is a matter of life and death. We have seen nurse save lives. We have also seen nurses watch people die of medical issues that are preventable and curable. That is how serious it is.

If you are looking for a nurse, consider the following factors

Academic qualifications

You have to be sure that the chosen nurse is a graduate of a recognized nursing school, not just any school. Be sure to check for the authenticity of the certificates- several nurses are using forged licenses and academic credentials.

Professional qualifications

On top of the lessons learned in the classroom, a good nurse will have several other professional qualifications. He or she should have sat several nursing professional courses and passed. He should also be a fully registered member of the local nurses’ union. The nurse should also be licensed and insured.


Experience is a key issue when it comes to health. This is so especially if you have a history of infections or medical issues. For instance, if you are terminally ill, you need a nurse who understands the situation that you are in perfectly. This is the only way the nurse will help you get better. He or she will give you advice on what to do to remain in the pink of health, something that most us wish that they had. For instance, when you are diabetic, you are likely to lose sensation on your feet. Walking bare feet, in this case, is very dangerous because you can get hurt without recognizing it. Overall, a nurse who has practiced nursing for a long time knows the nitty-gritty of keeping your body in good health.


Medicine is one of the classical professions that requires strict adherence to professional standards and codes. A case in point, a small mistake goes a very long way in the medical profession. For instance, misuse of the information on the medical condition of a person may hurt that person’s loved ones to the point of death. For this reason, a good nurse has to be loyal to the profession, right from the dress code to the way he or she communicates to you. Additionally, you need to choose a nurse who does not have a medical malpractice record.

Communication skills

A good nurse should be able to listen to you keenly and make the appropriate diagnosis. Every bit of information you give to your nurse is of utmost importance and should be treated as such. You should also be able to trust your nurse because there are some medical issues that you can only share with your nurse. In such cases, the nurse should create a friendly environment that will allow you to explain to him or her anything there is to explain. If you find yourself struggling strain to explain something private or trying to make truth palatable to your nurse, he or she is not the right one for you.

If you love life and you want to enjoy it to the fullest, choose your nurses carefully. Remember that at some point in your life, they will make do or die decisions on your health on your behalf.…

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How To Choose A Plumber

There is an overwhelmingly large number of plumbers out there, and you may be wondering how to choose the best one for your needs and budget. There are several considerations to make when looking for a plumber.

Here are a few of them


Experience is very critical when it comes to plumbing. You need a plumber who has honed his or her plumbing skills through various plumbing tasks. A beginner is very likely to do a shoddy job. Some plumbing tasks such as unclogging of drains and sewer lines, repair of toilets and faucets as well as water heater installation require specialized skills. A professional plumber is needed for such tasks. You can get a list of experienced plumbers from friends, relatives, plumbers associations and government construction agencies, among other sources.

Membership with local plumbers’ association

Members of any professional body are likely to be meticulous in their job to avoid disciplinary action by the professional body. For this reason, consider yourself lucky if you get a plumber who is a member of the local plumbers’ association. This is because such a plumber will adhere to the professional standards. He or she is also likely to be aware of the local building codes and the latest developments in the plumbing industry. More importantly, he or she will offer guarantees for his or her work.


A good plumber is one that is certified by the relevant authorities to operate in a certain region. Government agencies are always on the lookout to ensure that everyone who is involved in the construction of buildings is certified and licensed to operate in a given locality. This is due to the rising cases of collapsing of buildings and use of poor quality building materials and tools. When you are choosing a plumber from a list of preferred candidates, choose the one that is certified, licensed and fully insured.

Tools and equipment used

The outcome of any plumbing task depends on the quality of the tools used. A plumber that uses outdated tools is a No-no. Look for plumbers who have kept pace with the growth and development in the plumbing sector. It is also important for the plumber of choice to keep in mind the modern environmental conservation mantra of going green wherever possible.


You always have to consider the cost of hiring a plumber so that you stick to your budget. Look for plumbers who charge for their services reasonably. Some plumbers are just too expensive for no good reason. Others are cheap because they are new to the job or they use poor quality tools and equipment. Be sure to strike a balance. Don’t make a choice based solely on price.

With these guidelines on how to choose a plumber, you should be able to have any plumbing issue fixed in the most appropriate way. You should have the overall architecture of your house or wherever you want plumbing done at the back of your mind. Choose the most experienced plumber in your list of preferred candidates for a structure based on a fully fledged architectural design.…

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Fulgures – la competition continue…

Vous aimez lire ?
Cela tombe très bien car nos membres adorent écrire et raconter des histoires. Parcourez les fulgures que vous propose ce site, notez, commentez et poussez ainsi les auteurs à donner le meilleur d’eux-mêmes… Les textes sont courts et classés par catégories (il y en a pour tous les goûts). Une fois que vous y aurez goûté, vous ne pourrez plus vous en passer.


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FULGURES à travers le monde…
Voici la liste (non exhaustive) des pays représentés par les auteurs dans notre site :
Algérie, Allemagne, Angleterre, Belgique, Brésil, Californie, Chili, Côte d’ivoire, Espagne, France, Île de la Réunion, Île Maurice, Japon, Lettonie, Liban, Martinique, Quebec, Suisse…
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Une visite, un fulgure !

La mer endormie
Inversons le sempiternel refrain et avançons que : ” Quand on a vingt ans, on aime toujours ” et même avec le désir d’un ” pour toujours “.
Les paroles s’envolant, une poésie dédiée ne pouvait que graver le défi dans nos deux mémoires.




Tu vois la mer est endormie
Ses cheveux d’or sont déjà gris
Ses chevaux d’argent assoupis
Tu vois la mer a bien vieilli.

Tu vois le ciel est dénudé
Ses nuages gris l’ont quitté
Même le soleil s’en est allé
Tu vois le ciel est déparé.

Tu sais demain est encore loin
Qui voit fleurir chaque matin
La rosée qui n’y est pour rien
Tu sais demain est incertain.

Tu sais les saisons sont perdues
Elles tournent en rond mais n’y croient plus
Les oiseaux sont un peu déçus
Tu sais l’automne est à la rue.

Mais si le vent souffle en avril
Protège ton cœur si fragile
Quand le printemps se fait docile
L’hiver ne tient plus qu’à un fil.

Tu sais le temps est fatigué
De s’étendre et de s’étirer
Le vertige gagne nos clochers
Tu sais le temps se fait âgé.

Tu vois les jours ne sont plus longs
Le vent a soufflé sur mon front
Il a ridé notre horizon
Tu vois les jours ont fait faux-bond.

Tu sais la terre craque en dedans
Son cœur ne bat plus comme avant
Il a faibli au fil des ans
Tu sais la terre souffre du temps.

Mais vois mon cœur n’a pas changé
Notre amour n’est pas fatigué
Il pousse encore comme les blés
Tu sais mon cœur n’est pas lassé.

Même si le vent souffle en avril
Je réchaufferai ton cœur fragile
Je t’inventerai un été
Qui se laissera caresser.

Tu vois la mer est endormie
Ses cheveux d’or sont déjà gris
Ses chevaux d’argent assoupis
Tu vois la mer est endormie.…

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